Piero Fornasetti Sole Brass Tripod Side Table

This gorgeous collectors item is a ’Sole’ side table by Piero Fornasetti, signed underneath with its original label. The side table is made with lacquered wood that has a white and various grey tones Sun motif and is affixed on top of a brass tripod base that is removable for easy and economical shipping or transport.
The Sun motif and similar side tables with the same brass base design are documented in book “Fornasetti, The Complete Universe”, this rare piece is sought after by interior designers and collectors alike. Perfect to add a little splash of whimsy into any interior decor.
This intriguing end table by Piero Fornasetti would work excellent as a small table to place a book or a drink on top of, and placed next to your bed, reading chair, TV chair or living room lounge chairs or sofa. Also consider as a plant stand or column to display an art piece or your favorite framed photo of a loved one.
51 H x 37 D cm