Martin Zeller Pariser Platz Photografie 1997

The project includes 51 images. The original works were printed on Ilfochrome. Verso on the backing board signed, inscribed and dated. 1994 – 1997 respectively. Ilfochrome
Photo 48 x 75cm edition of 8
75 H x 111 W x 3 D cm
In 1993, Martin Zeller moved to reunified Berlin, where he created photo works of the stone metropolis with broad building lines. The wounds of the separation and even of the Second World War were still present. Zeller was interested in places which show the transition from the past to the present. Often it is difficult to see if the urban wounds are historic or new, or if the dug up and shredded landscape was caused by war or real estate developers.”
Joerg Sperling, curator at the Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, 1997
75 H x 111 W x 3 D cm