IconicInterAct Private View, May 16. 2013

With Fabian Gatermann (born 1984) we are presenting the works of a young creative talent.

Fabian’s works colorful. Sometimes even sweet like candy: His „Sugarchair“ is made of colored sugar. You can sit on it. You can eat it. And while deciding what to do you are forced to analyze that your consumption would be destructive.

Interaction plays a major role in Fabians work. His “Iconic Power” series shows stamps – but only the closer look reveals absolute rulers amongst the royalists – power is always a double-edged sword.

This also applies for Fabian’s “Slightboxes”: decorative on the first glance but a individually allocable piece of design.

The works of Fabian Gatermann are on exhibition at our shop in Schwabing from Mai 16 to June 6. The artist will be present at the private view on Mai 16.

Datum: 26.04.2013